May there never come a time I see water without a laugh escaping my lips as my eyes fill with shades of blue blending into green. May I always hold my body with pride for its soft, scarred, tenderness and glorious grace. May I find breaths to laugh at myself when moments of beauty become interrupted with reality. May I remember to take the time and meet women older than me, whose skin has seen more suns than mine, whose hearts have pulsed more cells of blood through their body than mine, whose words of broken hearted wisdom can slow the rapid panic of mine. May I always relish the sweetness of a first kiss that was meant for the cheek and the innocence of springtime. May there always be freshly ground coffee. May mornings bring me the face of the one who loves me and of whom I love. May the silence be a sign of peace rather than sorrow. May the cracking in the air be fireworks, not gunshots, and the flashing lights be Christmas lights left up five months too late. May I have countless days spent wandering streets of new places. May each May bring restoration of spirit; my heart beats differently today.

Originally written May 1 2018, on Sand Key Park and around St Petersburg, Florida.


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